MDF door model

model-dveri-mdf_f model-dveri-mdf.4_f model-dveri-mdf.2_f
  • aluminum construction of the door and box;
  • opening when pressing the door;
  • special alignment door mechanism.
  • door made of coated 19 mm MDF sheet;

  • Price list
  • Use
  • Characteristics
Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Price brutto, Euro
Двери МДФ От 400х600 До 1600х2500 Euro

        The construction of concealed door is appropriate for installation into walls made of  brick, concrete, shell limestone,  to drywall  profile or other constructions and must be further finished (painting, plastering, gluing with rolled materials). They are almost invisible on the wall. The only thing visible is a thin hole 1mm thick, which “reveals” its location on the surface of wall. There are no visible frames, locks or other unnecessary technical attributes spoiling the appearance. The access panel opens and closes after pressing it easily. The secret is in a special lock, which is invisible and provides door fixation in the closed position.


        Door is held on the frame with help of hinges, which allow its opening by 90 or 175 degrees. The access panel door implies installation of alignment mechanism.

Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Door size (WхH), mm Door load capacity, kg Weight, kg.
Двери МДФ От 400х600 До 1600х2500