“Standard” model

standard-200kh200.3_f standard-200kh200.1_f _D3A2296 _D3A2294 _D3A2293 _D3A2244 _D3A2237
  • aluminum access panel construction;
  •  the door is made of aluminum moisture-resistant drywall;
  • access panel installation in drywall of thickness in 12.5 mm;
  • the doors opening and closing occur by pressing the door;

      *Apart from standard sizes access panels are made individually according to your dimensions on requests.

  • Price list
  • Use
  • Characteristics
  • Installation
Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Price brutto, Euro
Standard 200х300х12,5/65 33,21 Euro
Standard 200х200х12,5/65 27,90 Euro
Standard 300х300х12,5/65 34,54 Euro
Standard 300х400х12,5/65 37,20 Euro
Standard 400х400х12,5/65 39,85 Euro
Standard 400х600х12,5/65 45,17 Euro
Standard 500х500х12,5/65 45,17 Euro
Standard 600х600х12,5/66 51,81 Euro
Standard 600х1200х12,5/65 89,00 Euro

         Installation of this construction is possible into both walls and ceilings. The outer frame is attached directly to drywall in the embrasure, cut out into the sheeting of the wall or ceiling. The thickness of the drywall is standard that is 12.5 mm. The construction of access panels is simple: aluminum welded frame and the door with embedded drywall sheet, which can be puttied, painted, pasted with wallpaper, thus, the access panels are invisible  on walls and ceilings. Only 1 mm thickness slit is visible, which reveals the location of such construction on the wall or ceiling.

        Mechanisms or constructions which are visible and spoil external appearance are absent. Opening and closing occur by pressing on the access panel cover. The secret is in a special lock, hidden from the eye which provides the door fixation in the closed position. The cover is held on an aluminum frame with help of invisible tiny hinges, which allow it to be opened at 120 degrees.

Installation scheme for “Standard” model 

Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Door size (WхH), mm Door load capacity, kg Weight, kg.
Standard 200х300х12,5/65 195х295 1,44
Standard 200х200х12,5/65 195х195 1,04
Standard 300х300х12,5/65 295х295 1,57
Standard 300х400х12,5/65 295х395 2,02
Standard 400х400х12,5/65 395х395 2,59
Standard 400х600х12,5/65 395х595 3,72
Standard 500х500х12,5/65 495х495 3,85
Standard 600х600х12,5/66 595х595 5,36
Standard 600х1200х12,5/65 595х1195 10,27