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“Drive” model, metal with electric drive

  • the construction is based on “Power” model access panel;
  • steel construction;
  • water-proof gypsum plasterboard cover;
  • has inbuilt electric driver with remote control;
  • access panel is equipped with emergency opening system;
  • it is designed for facing with different types of flooring: tile, laminate, parquet, wood, etc. (up to 15 mm thick).

       *Access panels of this model are only manufactured on request.

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*Access panels of this model are only customized.

         Access panel «Drive» model can be operated in normal and heavy-loaded conditions, thus all access panel components are made of steel with thickness of 4 mm. Access panel cover has a strengthened construction. Water-proof gypsum plasterboard panel is fixed directly to access panel cover where flooring can be glued (tile, parquet, laminate,wood, linoleum with thickness up to 15 mm). Door of the access panel has stiffening plates along the perimeter,  amount of which depends on the size of the access panel. Considering its stiffening, the door of the access panel is maximally lighted and kept in closed position due to weight of the flooring.
Door is lifted by means of electric drive  that can be operated both wired and remotely. The type of operation depends on installation location. There is a hole in access panel cover that provides emergency opening of the access panel. Installed air springs facilitate opening of the cover in the standard operation (with drives) and in manual mode (in case of emergency opening). A set is supplied with remote control depending on complectation. Dimensions of a floor-mounted access panel (for order) are coupling size of external fitting frame.

Electric drive is selected individually, depending on the size of the access panel, weight of the cover with flooring, and also usage environment.