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“Light" model, aluminum, fill-in

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  • aluminum construction;
  •  cover is filled with ceramsite concrete, concrete, foam concrete, etc.;
  •  without hinge;
  •  has increased lift capacity and rubber gasket for noise and moisture insulation;
  •  designed for facing with different types of flooring: tile, laminate, parquet, stone, etc.

     * Apart from standard dimensions it is possible to make   access panels on request according to your dimensions.

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  • Installation
Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Price brutto, Euro
Light 200х200 200х200х54 42,51 Euro
Light 300х300 300х300х54 62,43 Euro
Light 400х400 400х400х54 87,67 Euro
Light 500х500 500х500х54 116,90 Euro
Light 600х600 600х600х54 148,78 Euro
Light 700х700 700х700х54 188,63 Euro
Light 800х800 800х800х54 228,48 Euro

       Floor-mounted access panels «Light» can be used in any premises,  including waterlogged premises (swimming pools, water parks). Due to safe construction access panels are capable to sustain heavy weight. They are very easy to install and use. The construction  is mainly a frame made of special aluminum profile with walls 4 mm thick, in gutters of which the cover of construction is easily placed (without hinges). Its role is played by a special reservoir for concrete pouring (usually lightweight grades),  which are laid with tiles, stones and other types of flooring both interior and exterior application. The cover of access panel is cone inclined, the same constructions has a frame that provide precise and tight assemblage. A rubber gasket along the whole perimeter of the access panel foundation, makes it possible to isolate utilities hidden under the access panel from moisture, and at the same time prevents from dust appearance on the surface of floor from niche hidden by the access panel.After installation of such access panel, it is possible to mop the floors with water or exploit swimming pools or other utilities without worries that liquid can penetrate inside.

        All access panels have Т-shaped handle. The access panel cover has a hole with threaded joint for handle installation. After installation of flooring the visible part of access panel represents two thickened strips of aluminum and the mounting hole between them is 0,2+0,5 mm. Access panel creates perfect exterior appearance and allows putting any flooring: tile, parquet, stone, etc.

     Such type of access panels are installed into prepared embrasure. Special profile with additional stiffening plates of aluminum and reinforcing mesh determine high strength of the access panel and resistance to corrosion.
Construction filling is performed after its installation. Dimensions of floor-mounted access panel are  overall dimensions of an external fitting frame.

     * Access panels are made both standard dimensions and individual on request according to your dimensions.

Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Door size (WхH), mm Door load capacity, kg Weight, kg.
Light 200х200 200х200х54 100х100 1,67
Light 300х300 300х300х54 200х200 2,80
Light 400х400 400х400х54 300х300 4,12
Light 500х500 500х500х54 400х400 5,72
Light 600х600 600х600х54 500х500 7,39
Light 700х700 700х700х54 600х600 9,22
Light 800х800 800х800х54 700х700 11,22