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“Power” model, metal with air springs

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  • steel construction;
  • cover made of water-proof gypsum plasterboard;
  • opens by means of gas shock absorbers which are inside of the construction;
  • completed with Т-shaped handle;
  • designed for facing with different types of flooring: tile, laminate, parquet, wood (the thickness of flooring is up to 15 mm)

     * Apart from standard dimensions it is possible to make  access panels on request according to your dimensions.

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Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Price brutto, Euro
Power 600х600х70 237,78 Euro
Power 700х700х70 270,99 Euro
Power 600х900х70 308,19 Euro
Power 800х800х70 308,19 Euro
Power 600х1200х70 345,38 Euro
Power 900х900х70 345,38 Euro

        Access panel can be operated in easy and heavy-loaded conditions so its construction is made of steel with thickness of 4 mm. Access panel cover has water-proof  gypsum plasterboard panel, which is fixed directly to flooring  thickness of which can be up to 15 mm. It can be tile, parquet, laminate, carpeting. Door of the access panel has stiffening plates along the perimeter,  amount of which depends on the size of the access panel. Door of the access panel is maximally lighted and kept in closed position due to weight of the flooring. There are installation holes anchorage along the whole perimeter of the exterior frame. All access panels are completed with Т-shaped handle. The access panel cover has a hole with threaded joint where the handle is screwed. Door is lifted by means of handle tightening and air springs. 

        It is possible to manufacture and install special devices - locking devices at the access panel door on request (individually).

       Access panels with invisible hinge and air springs allow lifting the cover easily with almost one finger, notwithstanding its big dimensions.
Dimensions of the floor-mounted access panel (on request) are coupling dimensions of external fitting frame.


Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Door size (WхH), mm Door load capacity, kg Weight, kg.
Power 600х600х70 540х580 12,92
Power 700х700х70 640х680 17,57
Power 600х900х70 540х880 19,35
Power 800х800х70 740х780 22,93
Power 600х1200х70 540х1180 25,79
Power 900х900х70 840х880 29,01