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“Street” model, street

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Model «Street»

  • parallel opening to the surface (floor, ground) ;
  • is made of galvanized steel;
  • has two lines of sealing;
  • equipped with emergency opening system;
  • has inbuilt electric drive having high level of dust and water resistance – IP66;
  • the thickness of finishing material can reach 250

      *Access panels of this model are only manufactured on request.

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* Access panels of this model are only customized.

    «Street» model access panels are designed to provide access to engineering communications situated below floor level, and also to have access to cellars, basements, service floors, etc.

        The principle of parallel opening forms the basis of this model construction. Access panel can be equipped both with air springs and electric drive with an opportunity of manual and remote control.

       Access panel is designed for indoor or outdoor installation. Its cover and all mechanisms are galvanized and powder paint coated serving as an anticorrosive material. Drive class protection is IP-66. Existence of  two lines of sealing  minimizes  dust and moisture appearance under the access panel cover. Mechanism of parallel opening provides an opportunity to use almost any type of finishing material, the thickness of which can reach 250 mm. The cover is designed in a form of «aluminum trough» and allows using such covers as lawn grass, decorative bark, gravel, concrete and foam concrete.


Electric drive is selected individually, depending on the size of the access panel, weight of the cover with flooring, and also usage environment.