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"Euro-D" model strengthened

  • construction of steel profile;
  • two-hinged adjustable hinge;
  • door adjustment in three planes;
  • strengthened hinge for installation in embrasures more than 1500 mm in height and more than 700 mm in width;
  • rolling latch;
  • opening with help of vacuum cups which are in the set.

* All access panels of this model are not manufactured commercially (only on request).

  • Price list
  • Use
  • Characteristics
  • Installation
Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Price brutto, Euro
E-D standart От 400х500 До 700х1500 custom Euro
E-D strong От 700х1500 До 800х2100 custom Euro

This type of access panels is used in embrasures installation from 1000 mm in height and 600 mm in width. Such constructions are used where the typical access panels models EURO and  EURO-M  are not suitable because of  lack of hardness and frame construction strength, insufficient stability of the hinge (EURO and  EURO –M access panels systems).

Also, this type of door is used as a furniture and door metal frames and in other types of items in the designer's and architectural decoration of interiors. They are manufactured with strengthened hinges and strengthened profile.

 ⃰ These access panels do not have standard dimensions, they are manufactured only on request.

Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Door size (WхH), mm Door load capacity, kg Weight, kg.
E-D standart От 400х500 До 700х1500 На 80 мм меньше от габаритов До 80 кг.
E-D strong От 700х1500 До 800х2100 На 100 мм меньше от габаритов До 150 кг.