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“Euro-M” model with sliding hinge

em-1-400x400_f em-1-400x400.3_f em-1-400x400.1_f(2)
  •  steel profile construction;
  •  moisture-resistant gypsum fiber door;
  •  door hinge is regulated, made of three units;
  •  rolling latches are applied;
  •  opening with help of vacuum cups (complete with the access panels)

*Apart from standard dimensions it is possible to manufacture access panels  on request according to your dimensions and wishes.

  • Price list
  • Use
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  • Installation
Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Price brutto, Euro
ЕM-1 400х400х50 77,05 Euro
EM-2 400х500х50 90,33 Euro
ЕM-3 400х600х50 102,29 Euro
EM-4 500х400х50 115,57 Euro
ЕM-5 500х500х50 127,53 Euro
EM-6 500х600х50 140,81 Euro

Access panels for tiles «EURO-М» provide access and maintenance of any types of concealed plumbing, electrical, air and other communications. The usage of door with plane-parallel opening (the door displaces parallel to the frame of the access panel) is essential and distinguishing factor of this construction, it is considered to be  «know-how» of development.

During opening the door displaces aside. The application of such constructions occurs because of obstacles presence, which prevent from front opening of the access panel door (sink, toilet bowl, etc.).

Access panels are operated  both indoors and outdoors (it requires exterior trim and contour seal). They are installed in walls and partitions, containing vertical niches made of masonry (brick, foam concrete, shell limestone, etc.), as well as the use of sheet materials (asbestos cement, gypsum fiber, plywood, OSB, plasterboard, etc.).

Access panel door is finished with such facing materials as panels, mirrors, glazed tiles, natural and artificial stones, various types of mosaic.


Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Door size (WхH), mm Door load capacity, kg Weight, kg.
ЕM-1 400х400х50 350х350 8 6
EM-2 400х500х50 350х450 11 6,8
ЕM-3 400х600х50 350х550 14 7,6
EM-4 500х400х50 450х350 7 6,5
ЕM-5 500х500х50 450х450 10 1,84
EM-6 500х600х50 450х550 13 8,8