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“Universal” press-on model

  •  aluminum access panel construction without hinge;
  •  opening when pressing the door;
  •  clicking latches;
  •  safety cables;
  •  removable door of moisture-resistant drywall.

*Access panels of this construction are manufactured both of standard dimensions and on request.

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Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Price brutto, Euro
Universal 200х200 200x200x45 42,51 Euro
Universal 200х300 200х300х45 49,15 Euro
Universal 300х300 300х300х45 53,14 Euro
Universal 250х400 250х400х45 55,79 Euro
Universal 300х400 300х400х45 58,45 Euro
Universal 300х500 300х500х45 63,76 Euro
Universal 400х300 400х300х45 58,45 Euro
Universal 400х400 400х400х45 62,43 Euro
Universal 400х500 400х500х45 69,08 Euro
Universal 400х600 400х600х45 73,06 Euro
Universal 500х300 500х300х45 63,76 Euro
Universal 500х400 500х400х45 69,08 Euro
Universal 600х400 600х400х45 73,06 Euro

This model is used in places where application of access panel with hinge  is impossible  (behind toilet bowls, towel dryers, washing machines, taps). It is designed for such type of facing material when it is impossible to use a vacuum lift device (the size of mosaic is less than 50 mm, horizontal access panels in width more than 550 mm, tiles, stones with a non-smooth surface).

To open the access panel of this type you need to have 4-6 cm space. The size of glued mosaic should correspond to the size of the door, the tiles size may be larger than the door size till 50 mm on each side, except the bottom, which should be flush.

*In addition to standard dimensions access panels of this construction are manufactured on request (according to individual dimensions).

Model Dimensions (WхHхD), mm Door size (WхH), mm Door load capacity, kg Weight, kg.
Universal 200х200 200x200x45 192х179 3.1
Universal 200х300 200х300х45 192х279 3,7
Universal 300х300 300х300х45 292х279 4,3
Universal 250х400 250х400х45 242х379 1,53
Universal 300х400 300х400х45 292х379 1,84
Universal 300х500 300х500х45 292х479 2,30
Universal 400х300 400х300х45 392х279 1,84
Universal 400х400 400х400х45 400х400х45 2,45
Universal 400х500 400х500х45 392х479 3,07
Universal 400х600 400х600х45 392х579 3,68
Universal 500х300 500х300х45 492х279 2,30
Universal 500х400 500х400х45 492х379 3,07
Universal 600х400 600х400х45 592х379 3,68